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Networking Equipment

Providing hundreds of customers on four continents with critical network spares, network expansion and equipment lifecycle solutions

Providing Innovations for Telecommunication Companies

To meet customer demand for network connectivity, telecommunications companies need cutting‑edge equipment and technology to do the job.

Titan Telecom International provides high‑quality networking equipment at a great value to help companies expand and grow their network.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve our customers by offering quality, effective, and economical telecommunication and networking solutions that suit your unique needs.

Professional and Reliable Service

At our company, integrity in what we do is our priority. We vow to treat all our customers with sincere honesty, reliability, and authenticity.

We uphold the highest standards for our staff and equipment. Every department is part of a comprehensive team that works together to meet your specifications and provide you with the best service and equipment for your telecommunications company.

Why Choose Us

Our networking equipment is always in stock, ensuring fast transactions. Once we receive a shipment, we work quickly and thoroughly to process and enter each piece into our inventory with care.

We run extensive inspections and tests on all equipment we receive, whether refurbished or new, to maintain a high standard of quality. We are also manufacturer‑independent, so we maintain our own inventory.

All equipment comes with a 1‑year warranty. If anything happens, companies are covered and have peace of mind. We also provide a next‑business‑day (NBD) replacement warranty to minimize extended downtime.

Get in Touch

Titan Telecom International is always on the lookout for great parts to add to our inventory, allowing us to provide high‑quality equipment to customers without charging the manufacturer’s suggested selling price (MSRP). For more information, please reach out to us today.