At Titan Telecom, we strive for excellence in all we do! Our client base is extremely diverse, ranging from telephone companies, MSO's and health care systems to utilities and municipalities. Despite the varying segments of industry our clients represent, they are all counting on us to deliver. With their "mission critical" networks on the line, Titan's mission is clear: to provide the client with the equipment they require, tested and delivered, when they need it.  


Quality assurance is imperative in our mission to serve our clients. From customer service to testing to packing equipment, we take great care to ensure a positive experience for our clients, with a high quality product, from start to finish. At Titan Telecom, we pride ourselves in our quality assurance procedures, knowing that the processes we go through are vital in achieving the quality you deserve.  




Above all else, we vow to treat customers with sincere honesty, reliability, and authenticity. We have the highest standards for our staff and each one is gifted with unique skills that match the integrity and mission of our company. Every department is part of a comprehensive team that works together to meet your specifications. We value each client and strive to treat each person as a valuable individual with unique needs. 

 Titan Telecom International


Spring is in the Air!

With Spring Cleaning season on its way, it's time to get rid of the clutter--and we can help!  We want to buy your surplus or decommissioned telecommunications hardware. Send us your lists of surplus or obsolete hardware and let us turn them into cash for you...the same day. We specialize in Redback (Ericsson), Lucent (Alcatel), Calix, Cisco, Adtran, Juniper, Force10, Foundry, Paradyne, Zhone, Tekelec, Genband, Taqua and Telica.

And, as Spring makes things fresh and renewed, keep us in mind when you're ready for some great new, used, or refurbished telecommunications and networking equipment that fits your budget!